Always looking beyond

We’re trailblazers. We get restless when we sit still. We only curate our shelves with the highest quality, premium bud. We take it to the next level to bring you the best possible highs. We’ve been building this empire for over 10 years, our hunger for innovation is why we do what we do.

Personalizing your high, every time

Different strokes for different folks, the same principle applies to your high. We get to know our customers. Our staff is made up of industry experts who pride themselves on discovering the right products for you.

Creating Space

We’ve created a space as unique as each of our customers. Cannabis is more than a plant. It’s a culture. Our stores are interactive environments where you can discover the products that fit your lifestyle, vibe and intent.

We are uniquely Eden

Our unique street-style branding, top-tier procurement team and direct access to high-profile individuals in the industry has put us on the map and at the forefront of retail dispensaries. We’re building this rocket ship as it flies, and we’re building the world’s best. Period.