We stay true to our roots

Legalization is still new. We’re not. Eden Empire has been a part of cannabis culture for longer than most, crafting and evolving the perfect experience for you by:

Always looking beyond.

We’re trailblazers. We get restless when we sit still. We’re always taking our strains to the next level to bring you the best possible highs. Our hunger for innovation is why we do what we do.

Personalizing your high, every time.

We love a good G&T. You’re more of a whiskey fan. That’s great: different strokes for different folks. The same principle applies to your high. Our expert staff prides themselves on discovering the right products for you.

Making space for you.

Cannabis is more than a plant. It’s a culture. Our stores are easygoing environments where you can discover the products that fit your lifestyle.

2020 Q1

Eden Empire is set to go public on the CSE.

2019 June

Eden successfully raises $4.9 million as part of its larger $7 million private placement. Eden's Vernon location receives a positive recommendation from municipality.

2018 December

Eden’s Kamloops location received a positive recommendation from municipality. Eden’s Kingsway application is referred to the city for approval. Eden’s Victoria application is referred to the city for approval.

2018 October

Eden begins its application phase with the LCRB in BC.