Eden’s B.C. cannabis strain guide

Read our cannabis strain guide to learn all about B.C.’s best cannabis strains. Did your favourite make the cut?

We all understand the value of buying local products. You get to support a regional business, reduce your carbon footprint, and gain access to fresh produce. The same stands true with cannabis. By smoking locally-grown product, B.C. consumers can help build a bigger and better community. Plus, we have access to some of the best strains in the country. 

With retailers and producers making their mark on the provincial market, there’s a variety of cannabis products hitting the shelves—but how do you choose? You may have certain effects you’re looking for or you may just want to hit the highlights reel of true B.C, bud. Either way, we’ve created a guide for cannabis strains grown by licensed producers right here in the province. Take your pick.

Ice Qwest (Ice Cream Cake) — Qwest

A cross of Wedding Cake and Gelato 33, Qwest’s Ice Cream Cake has a sweet, dessert-like flavour ideal for a casual, relaxed post-dinner conversation. Like all of Qwest’s hand-trimmed product that’s fed by Rocky Mountain water, this dense bud has excellent moisture content. It offers peppery, citrusy, and fruity flavours that’ll satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. Take a puff as you settle in for a quiet evening at home with mellow tunes and expect to be wrapped up with feelings of calm and relaxation.

Ruxton (Sour OG) — Broken Coast

Broken Coast on Vancouver Island delivers consistently with this 50/50 cross between two of the most popular strains in the world—OG Kush and Sour Diesel (hence the name). Nothing about the taste, smell, or ensuing high is subtle in this strain, and that comes with being in the Kush family. Get ready for lazy inhales of a tight bud and a true lemony diesel rocket fuel that should be enjoyed slowly. With just one toke, you’ll be ready to tackle your intimidating household to-do list or devour a season of your current Netflix binge.


Utopia (Shishkaberry) — DOJA

DOJA Utopia is an indica-dominant strain cut from Shishkaberry (a fusion of DJ Short Blueberry and Afghani) that should be on your radar to puff and pass. Grown and hand-harvested in the Okanagan, the smell curls up around you with a distinctive sweetness. It starts out as social and uplifting, but ultimately leads to relaxation.  This is the perfect strain to set you up for a picnic on Kits beach and then curl up under plaid blankets to watch the sunset streak across the horizon.

Blue Dream — Tantalus Labs

The consistency and quality of Tantalus Labs is a cannabis lover’s dream, and this sativa-leaning strain should be a satisfying addition to your Saturday afternoon. Blue Dream, deeply sweet and earthy, is the result of an evolution of Sungrown, a classic Canadian strain enjoyed worldwide. A taste of this mellow yet potent strain is a great way to start a weekend-worthy flea market expedition, pub crawl, or record store treasure hunt.

Nuken — Whistler Medical Marijuana

Whistler Medical Marijuana prides itself in providing quality, organic cannabis—and Nuken is just that. A pinnacle of home-grown B.C. genetics, the primarily indica strain is a hybrid of Kish and God Bud. On the tongue, Nuken blends sweet, fruity, and earthy flavours that mellow you without taking you out for the count. Opt for this strain if you want to tap into your creativity at home, or add it to your nighttime routine so that you can wind down before a night of restful sleep.

You can’t go wrong

Have an idea of which strain speaks to you the most? Each of the products we’ve highlighted exemplify the quality of B.C. cultivators—keeping up with the west coast’s reputation. Whether you’re an active hiker or happier enjoying craft coffee shops or breweries, there’s a local strain that’s right for you. 

At Eden, we’re all about supplying our customers with high-quality, local products. Come check us out.

Photos: Canna Obscura / Shutterstock, Roxana Gonzalez / Shutterstock