See the city in a new light: Vancouver’s cannabis experience guide

This is the ultimate Vancouver Cannabis Strain Guide. Find out what bud you need to bring on your next adventure.

At Eden, we’re proud to call Vancouver home. And why wouldn’t we be? To start, the city is minutes away from nature—satisfying the needs of beach and ski bums alike—and it has a vibrant underground cultural scene that feeds into the soul of the city. Vancouver is also home to some of the highest-quality cannabis brands in Canada. It’s a reputation that’s been built over time, and is not about to change. For those who want to explore the best the city has to offer, we’ve paired some classic Vancouver pastimes with a selection of our favourite cannabis strains in our local guide.

A walk in the park

As Vancouverites, we’ve learned to build up a resistance to the rain. But when the summer comes, you better believe that we’ll take every chance we get to catch some vitamin D—and this city’s many outdoor spaces make it easy. Breathe in city views from the top of Queen Elizabeth Park, take a leisurely walk along Kits Beach, hang out by the famed Dude Chilling Park sign, or escape the city with a trip west to Lighthouse Park. Wherever you prefer to stroll, you can always match one of these activities with a cannabis strain that helps you relax in your surroundings. Bubba Kush from Whistler Cannabis Co. has a smoky sweetness and offers a lazy and laughter-filled vibe that goes hand in hand with your favourite park.

Before you go: remember that municipal regulations say we can’t smoke cannabis in parks or any other areas that are commonly frequented by children.

A trip to the record store

If you’re someone who can’t compromise on quality, you can likely list off exactly why it’s better to hear an album on vinyl—it’s a more authentic sound. And you’re also aware that music and cannabis are an iconic duo that enhance the experience. If you know where to look, Vancouver has a collection of record stores that cater to the city’s audiophiles. Take a hit of Vision Qwest, a sativa-dominant strain from Qwest, and explore the likes of Audiopile, Neptoon, Red Cat Records, or Zulu Records. Pairing your visit with this sweet, rich strain inspired by Strawberry Cough will help you tune in to your crate digging excursion while you hunt for your new favourite record.

A wealth of snacks at Granville Island

Looking for a new food show to watch? In David Chang’s Netflix series, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, he and Seth Rogen munch their way through some of Vancouver’s best eateries—stopping for a joint or two along the way. Their first stop? Granville Island’s Public Market. And it’s no surprise; the market is filled with everything from fudge and fresh bread to cheese and candy.

We recommend that you take a page out of Rogen’s book and have a toke of his Houseplant sativa strain before exploring the unending rows of sweet and salty snacks. The strain’s citrusy, floral aromas will get your taste buds amped up for an afternoon of sampling tasty treats.

A night out

That brings us to another combo that just makes sense: cannabis and comedy. And Vancouver has that in spades. In the city that introduced Cheech and Chong, comedy events like The Sunday Service, Jokes N Tokes, and Talent Time provide great laughs—and are even better if you put them together with the euphoric high of Tantalus Labs’ Blue Dream.

If you’re more interested in a night out at the club, pass around a joint of Headband by Grail and head out to a spot like Celebrities, Fox Cabaret, Fortune Sound Club, or Venue Nightclub for live performances and DJs that’ll make for an unforgettable night. 

Fun fact: Talent Time plays at the Rio Theatre, which was saved last year by stoner comedy legend Silent Bob (a.k.a Kevin Smith).

A taste of Gastown

cannabis strain guideWith its wide range of food stops, Gastown has built up a hub of taco shops that serve as both workday lunch spots and weekend favourites. If you’re looking to grab a bite, treat yourself to some of Broken Coast’s Ruxton. This strain will give you enough of an energy boost to saunter around the neighbourhood’s cobbled streets, leading you to the Latin tapas-style fare at Cuchillo, authentic Mexican bites at La Mezcaleria, or the West Coast interpretations of Tacofino

Whether you prefer to spend your time outdoors or finding hidden gems in the city, there’s a cannabis strain that will add to the experience. The cannabis products we’ve highlighted in this guide—as well as many others—will help you enjoy all that our city has to offer. 

Planning a night out? Or a daytime adventure? Talk to one of our consultants. We’ll help you find the perfect strain to pair up with it. 

Don’t forget: In Vancouver, cannabis can be smoked in the same public spaces as cigarettes, but not in playgrounds or parks. It’s also forbidden to drive while impaired. Before you take on any of these activities, make sure you’re aware of the city’s public intoxication laws.