Get higher: The different ways cannabis makes you feel

Cannabis can make you feel different things based on the strain. Read our guide for which activities to pair with which strains.

Want to know one of our favourite things about cannabis? The variety. Based on a number of factors like cannabinoids, terpenes, and more, each strain will make you feel something different. And there’s certainly a strain for every occasion—you just need to know what to purchase. We’ve put together a quick summary of some of the typical highs people look for and some of our favourite strains to get you there.

Have a relaxing evening

There are a number of strains that are designed to help you relax and unwind. With some indica-heavy strains, you’re likely to get a calming body high that lets you settle comfortably into your couch with your favourite snacks and Netflix. This is the type of high you should go for if you have trouble shutting off your brain or simply want an easier path to that much needed REM sleep.

Our go to: Savary by Broken Coast

Get stuff done

how does cannabis make you feel 2We live in an era of to-do list apps and bullet journals—and it’s not always easy to keep up. The trick to getting through a day of chores and errands? Add a little cannabis to the mix. Some sativa-dominant strains are ideal as they’ll give you the energy to roll up your sleeves to give the pooch a bath, plan your next trip abroad, or finish up the freelance design project you’re working on. Choose cannabis strains that are known for boosting energy levels and making you alert. After all, you don’t want to start strong and end up bailing halfway through your list to take a nap.

Our go to: Zest Qwest (a.k.a. Super Lemon Haze) by Qwest

Get balanced

With the onset of a new year—and a new decade—many of us are committing to resolutions that include upping our workout game. Cannabis can help. Whether you’re into yoga, tennis, or spending hours at the gym, choose a balanced 1:1 strain that amps you up with its THC content while soothing your muscles with an equivalent amount of CBD. It’s bound to make your morning exercise routine that much more effective. 

Our go to: CBD Shark by Whistler Cannabis Co.

Bring it to the bedroom

With its ability to either relax or invigorate—not to mention the fact that it increases blood flow—cannabis can be a great addition to your sex life. There’s a whole variety of options to play with here depending on how you want to feel. You can choose an indica-heavy strain that helps you relax and heightens sensitivity, or opt for a sativa-induced high that keeps you energized and focused on the moment.

Our go to: Jack Haze by 7 Acres alongside a cannabis-infused personal lubricant

Get social

You get invited to a big social gathering, but don’t really know anyone—we’ve all been there. Enter cannabis. Choosing a sativa-dominant strain to share on a balcony with new (or old) friends is a great way to get social and conversational. In the right mindset, it’s easy to compare favourite childhood TV shows, argue about where you can find the best pizza in town, or chat through your aspirations for the future.

Our go to: Pedro’s Sweet Sativa by Color Cannabis

Tap into your creativity

Cannabis and creativity have always been a natural pairing. Who’s to say how many great musical hits were inspired by a toke or two of the artist’s favourite bud? Whether you write, paint, code, or compose, certain cannabis strains can help put you in the right mindset. And if you’re someone who’s just starting to play around with an artform, getting into this creative state will only help you be bolder in using your new skillset.

Our go to: Lemon Zkittle by Citizen Stash

Want to find the right high for you? Get in touch. We’re always excited to share our knowledge on the space. 

Photos: dan carlson / Shutterstock, The Cannabiz Agency / Shutterstock