Why we only buy the best cannabis strains

At Eden Empire stores we carry only the best cannabis strains, ones that we’re proud to put our brand behind.

When it comes to cannabis we know that quality is more important than anything. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to only sell the best cannabis strains to our customers and always put premium offerings first.

As we open our stores, we intend to meet the high expectations of experienced cannabis consumers while also making it easy for new customers to enjoy the best quality bud. 

When you come into an Eden store, you can trust that we have done our homework and that you are getting the best. Whether you have a discerning palate or are still figuring out your favourite strains, we’ll be able to offer you a high-end product that appeals to all your senses.

What do we look for?

Not all strains are created equal. Seasoned cannabis consumers can easily tell the difference between quality cannabis and lower grade bud. With our years of experience in the industry, we know what to look for to determine if a strain is worthy of a spot in our stores. 

It all starts with the scent. High-quality cannabis should be strong and nuanced, rather than smelling “green” like chlorophyll that’s found in any other leaf. Depending on the strain, best in class cannabis should have a distinct aroma, for example, with hints of citrus, tropical fruit, berries, pine, spice, or musk.  


We also consider the feel. Quality cannabis should be dense, but not rock hard. When we squeeze it, it needs to “bounce back” and not crumble to dust—that comes down to moisture content. In the same vein, the bud shouldn’t be too damp nor too dry. Good cannabis is resinous. it should grind easily, evenly, and be sticky to the touch. 

When it comes to the look of the plant, there should be an easily visible abundance of “frost”, or trichomes, the glands that hold the terpenes and cannabinoids. These should sit on a deep green, healthy flower. 

What’s most important, however, is the experience. When lit, cannabis should taste as good as it smells—it should be smooth and pleasant on the palate. The joint should burn evenly with a white ash as darker coloured ash is usually indicative of cannabis that hasn’t been properly flushed or cured. Finally, quality cannabis should consistently and quickly deliver that uplifting or relaxing feeling that it’s known for. 

At Eden, these are all things we keep in mind as we look for—and assess strains. What makes the cut are the products that have a decent moisture content, a big nose, good bud structure, good flavour, and a clean burn.

The best cannabis strains come from the best producers

When we choose a product for our stores, we tend to focus on producers that have demonstrated a clear attention to detail in their cultivation practices. Through our extensive relationships with B.C. cultivators that will supply our B.C. stores, we’ve been able to pinpoint who does it right—and who doesn’t. 

There are now over 100 licensed cannabis producers in Canada, and not all of them meet our standards for quality and consistency. In fact, we’ve sampled plenty of mediocre cannabis and have worked hard to unearth the quality products that we pride ourselves in selling. Through a rigorous selection process, we’ve selected products from the likes of 7 Acres, Blissco Reserve, Doja, Color Cannabis, Grail, Qwest, Tantalus Labs, and Whistler Cannabis Co. as they’ve proven quality and consistency at every turn. We are dedicated to being a force of change for the industry from the inside out—that means we will always give honest feedback to our producers. 

A higher price doesn’t always mean a higher quality. We’ve found a variety of cannabis that comes in at a lower cost, which helps us deliver premium products that meet your needs while sitting within your budget. As a company with a 10-year history, we use our considerable experience to remove the guesswork and only stock products that we can put our brand behind. 

At our Eden stores, we’re developing a hub for premium cannabis products that have been tried and tested. Come visit, we can’t wait to show you our curated selection.

Photos: Lifestyle discover / Shutterstock, content_creator / Shutterstock